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CEO Message Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®


CEO Message

New Year Greeting to shareholders from CEO Moon: It is our pleasure to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for your prosperity throughout 2019.

SillaJen looks forward to reaching new heights in this forthcoming year.

Our core Phase III clinical trial in liver cancer, “PHOCUS”, is progressing efficiently. In fact, we are expecting to obtain the Futility Analysis result this year. This result holds great significance as the first clinical result from PHOCUS. At the same time, this analysis shall enhance the credibility and expectations of Pexa-Vec in the global market.

This year, SillaJen was excited to have expanded the Clinical Department, which will enhance our key area of focus. In order to rise to the next level, we must expand the pipeline to other tumor types. This expansion of indication is critical to the company as it directly affects our corporate value. Thus, we have greatly improved the Clinical Department, including Clinical Operations, Data Management, R&D strategy, Assay teams. Consequently, we are well equipped to proceed with the upcoming clinical trials and research that will take place in the near future.

Recently, many biopharmaceutical companies listed on KOSDAQ were rated highly in their market value. We are observing great change in the capital market with the recent news on biopharmaceuticals licensing out to global Big Pharmaceutical companies. This reflects the inordinate amount of interest and attention biopharma industry is garnering as the next-generation growth market. We feel a great sense of responsibility to obtain excellent outcomes to fulfill this high expectation in the industry.

SillaJen will continue to strive in “setting an example for numerous newly starting biopharmaceutical companies” through constant innovation and growth in new field. The ultimate goal for SillaJen is to “improve the quality of life for cancer patient”.

As a biopharmaceutical company, we must stay diligent to the basic function of obtaining promising results to be value assessed in the capital market. On the other hand, SillaJen strongly believes in contributing to the welfare of mankind through innovating this new cure for cancer. With this belief at heart, we will continue to strive our best as a pioneer in the industry.

In closing, may 2019 be filled with joy, health, and prosperity for you and your family.


CEO Moon