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Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®


Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®

Jennerex, Inc.
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SillaJen acquires Jennerex, Inc., the global leader in oncolytic immunotherapeutics.
Jennerex was an early leader in the oncolytic virus field.Jennerex researchers showed that Pexa-Vec acts in three distinct ways to attackcancer: by infecting and killing cancer cells, by cutting off the blood supply totumors, and by activating the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.
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Jennerex scientists were the first to show that IV infusion could be used to deliver oncolytic vaccinia to tumors. The key paper “Intravenous delivery of a multi-mechanistic cancer-targeted oncolytic poxvirus in humans” showed thatIV delivery of Pexa-Vec (JX-594) resulted in viral infection, viral replication and expression of a transgene marker protein in tumors in a dose dependent fashion, while healthy cells were not infected.

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Further work demonstrated that Pexa-Vec was able to infect the blood vessels associated with tumors, creating leaky blood vessels and disrupting the blood flow to tumors. Normal blood vessels were not affected.

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Finally, the Jennerex sponsored phase 2 trial in Hepatocellular carcinoma paved the way for SillJen’s Phase 3 PHOCUS trial. In this dose-finding trial, patients received either a low dose or high dose of virus injected into liver tumors. Patients who received the high dose of virus had a significantly longer median overall survival time compared to the low dose group.