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SJ-600 Series Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®


SJ-600 Series Wyeth Strain Backbone Pipeline


The SJ-600 series is SillaJen's next-generation pipeline that dramatically improves the intravenous administration efficiency of anticancer viruses. Intravenous administration is an easy way to deliver drugs quickly to the whole body, but it has the disadvantage of reducing anticancer effects as it is mostly removed by antiviral substances in the blood while moving to the tumor. In response, SillaJen designed proteins that inhibit antiviral substances in the blood to directly display them on the viral envelope to compensate for these shortcomings and produce high anticancer effects.


In particular, the SJ-600 series is attracting attention as an unrivaled platform that can directly avoid innate immunity, which is differentiated from existing technologies. It has the advantage of aviding the human body's defense mechanism, which maintains stable anticancer activity during intravenous injections, as well as minimizing side effects of anticancer drugs by reducing the dosage of the viruses.