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About SillaJen Biotherapeutics Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®


About SillaJen Biotherapeutics


SillaJen Biotherapeutics

SillaJen Biotherapeutics is located in San Francisco, one of the largest and most innovative biotech clusters in the world. SillaJen Biotherapeutics focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of oncolytic viruses to treat cancer; we are responsible for Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Alliance Management and Accounting for clinical trials.

신라젠바이오 * A tumor with green patches of vaccinia virus infection surrounded by red blood vessels. Image courtesy of McDonald Lab

Cancer-Killing Virus Acts by Alerting Immune System

A collaboration between SillaJen Biotherapeutics researchers and the McDonald Lab at the University of California San Francisco highlights the potential for combination therapy using oncolytic viruses and immunotherapy.

Combination trials with Pexa-Vec and immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • · First-line Treatment of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) NCT03071094
  • · Refractory Colorectal Cancer NCT03206073
  • · Renal Cell Carcinoma NCT03294083