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Website Terms and Conditions Targeting, Attacking, and Eradicating Cancers®


Website Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Purpose

SillaJen homepage (hereinafter referred to as the "Homepage") is operated by SillaJen (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). This policy is designed to provide details about the use of our Homepage.

Article 2 Privacy Policy

1. The Company does not disclose or distribute the information of the user that it has learned about the operation of the website to a third party without the consent of the user, provided, however, that this shall not be the case if there is a request by the investigating agency in accordance with the procedures of the related laws or procedures and methods prescribed in the Act for the purpose of investigation.
2. The Company may collect a minimum amount of personal information to deliver the online prize for the winner through Homepage.
3. Other privacy concerns are governed by the "Privacy Policy" posted separately from this policy.

Article 3 SillaJen trademark related

SillaJen is a trademark of SillaJen and shall not be used or copied without prior permission of the Company.

Article 4 Copyright and Responsibility of the post

1. The copyright of the posts on the Homepage belongs to the author who posted the first.
2. The information and comments posted by users are not related to the position of the Company and the Company does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, etc. of the information, data and facts posted by the user. Any issues that arise in this regard are solely the responsibility of the user who posted the content.
3. All information provided on the homepage is for personal use only and subject to the following conditions:

  • - Attribution: The origin of the post must be specified.
  • - Nonprofit: The post is not available for commercial purpose.
  • - No change: The post cannot be recreated, modified or processed

4. The Company does not guarantee confidentiality on the homepage. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that the user may suffer on the homepage related to the confidential matters.
5. The Homepage contains links that are not covered by the Company's own policies, such as related sites or other homepages. The Company does not warrant any information, suggestions or advertisements provided on such linked websites.

Article 5 Management and preservation of the post

1. The Company may, at its sole discretion, delete the post without notice to the publisher if it considers that the content posted by the user falls under Article 5, and the publisher may be held liable depending on the severity of the case.
2. The Company deletes a post in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Company may retain the content.

Article 6 Deletion criteria of the post

The user must not post any of the following contents (including any posts that link to such content)

1. Posts against laws and morals

  • a) Posts that are judged to be related to criminal activity, including content that induces a crime
  • b) Gambling posts such as betting on wealth
  • c) Posts using rough language or profanity and vulgar obscenity, jargon, and slang that can cause discomfort to others.
  • d) Posts of unconfirmed falsehoods or promoting emotional confrontation with aggressive slander.
  • e) A post that is impersonated by another person, such as an authorized person or a person related to a specific issue.
  • f)Posts that contain unjustified, defamatory, or discriminatory content of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or political orientation.
  • g) Posts containing personal slander or claims.
  • h) Specific site or community related posts that do not conform to social norms.

2. Obscene • Hateful posts

  • a) Obscene or violent posts
  • b) Posts, such as data, software, music, photos, graphics, videos, etc. that may be sexually explicit or offensive.
  • c) Posts that encourage people to engage in prostitution or encourage encounters for sex

3. Privacy infringement and defamation posts

  • a) Posting personal information such as e-mail address, photo, phone number, resident registration number, car number, etc. without permission
  • b) Posts that are likely to infringe on the honor and interests of stakeholders, such as announcements of investigation, media reports, or rumors that have not been officially explained by stakeholders.

4. Propagation of false facts and aggression of people • Aggressive post

  • a) Anonymous posts that baselessly slanders or disseminates or falsifies false facts
  • b) Posts that cause unpleasant feelings of others or makes fun of others by making or pointing out specific individuals or groups based on unconfirmed facts and subjective judgment.

5. Copyright infringement post

  • a) Unauthorized publication, distribution, reproduction of material without permission of copyright holder.
  • b) Posts that infringe copyright, patent, trademark, design right, portrait right.
  • c) Posts to introduce illegal materials sites.
  • d) Posts requested by the infringed party for removal.
  • e) Posts and contents that are shared without permission by the publisher.

6. Post of Illegal advertising • Pursuit of profit

  • a) Posts advertising products for profit purposes.
  • b) Posting or promoting commercial content for a specific company or personal interest.
  • c) Posts that generate or arrange money transactions between users.
  • d) Post to promote specific objects, etc. such as repeated posting with similar content.

7. Others (Repeated posting with the same contents, etc.)

  • a) Posts that do not match the nature of the bulletin board, such as simple text with no meaning or the same content repeatedly posted.
  • b) Damaged post due to technical error.
  • c) Posts that are irrelevant or inconsistent with the Company's post on the Homepage.
  • d) Posts containing software, computer codes, or virus that interferes with the smooth service.
  • e) When other user requests deletion for a specific post or comment and the reason for the request is reasonable.
  • f) Other postings that do not match the purpose of the website.

Article 7 User control

1. If the user repeatedly submits a post that violates the operating policy, the Company may issue warnings and restrictions on access to the board
2. If the posting posted by the user cause harm to another person or violate the relevant laws and regulations, the Company may take additional sanctions by requesting to the judicial authorities.

Article 8 Homepage operation

1. The Homepage will cherish the comments of all users and act as a channel for information sharing and communication.
2. If it is deemed necessary, this policy may be amended or supplemented. It will be announced on the homepage.

If any error in the operation of the Homepage or any suggestion, please feel free to contact to the website administrator (sillajen_info@kr.sillajen.com)